Animalitoland (Graciela Goncalves Da Silva)

Animalitoland is the visual universe of Graciela Goncalves Da Silva, an Argentine artist.

A personal and unique style

Animalitoland I Untitled I 2020

A self-taught illustrator and graphic designer with a degree from the University of Bueno Aires, she has spent more than ten years experimenting with different visual worlds. She started with comics and fanzines, then worked in animation, video games, toys and graphic design. After this life in the studio, she started to paint freely in the street, a real personal and artistic revolution.

The journey of an international artist

Argentina, Spain, Germany, UK, France, Hungary, China are some of the places where his creatures have entered.

Animalitoland I Color, the way of love I Xinchang city I 2019

As a result of these travels, she has cultivated a personal style that is gaining international recognition and participates in group and solo exhibitions, painting festivals (Urban Week in Paris La Défense by We Are So Art Addict | WASAA, Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes, …) and art conferences.

Being in constant motion gives her the energy to tackle new ideas every time. Her artwork is filled with children and fantastic creatures that she represents on paper or on walls. Drawing them allows her to include them in the reality of society in her own way. Her works are always a colourful explosion of a multitude of colours.

Animalitoland online :
Animalitoland on Instagram : @animalitoland

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