Kevin Ledo

Kevin Ledo, a Montreal-based artist, brings his art to life through bold and iconic imagery.

A bold artist

Kevin Ledo | Mural | Montréal, Canada | 2017
Kevin Ledo | Mural | Montreal | 2017

Exploiting several artistic genres such as fine art, pop art, muralist art, street art and gold leaf installations, Ledo scours the field in search of an artistic expression that gives justice to his vision and ideas.

Ledo’s realistic renderings are often juxtaposed with rougher, graphic forms and patterns, foreground or background voids where the figures are suspended between the two worlds.

Painting the walls of the world

The artist knows how to capture moments of contemplation, intimacy, emotion and wonder. Ledo dedicates much of his work to the fusion of feminine beauty and divinity, particularly in his works The Guiding Light. In this collection of works, Ledo creates paintings of contemporary icons. To do so, he successfully merges high fashion advertisements with old Christian icons.

Kevin Ledo online:
Kevin Ledo on Instagram : @kevinledo

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