Kraser Tres is an artist and graphic designer born in Cartagena, Spain.

A passion for painting

Kraser - Street art - Wasaa - Urban Week
Kraser | Festival Gulia Urbana, Italy | 2019

He graduated from the Murcia School of Fine Arts in 2000. Kraser left his country for Milan in 2009 where he still lives. Already as a child he was attracted to painting. He started painting in the street at a very young age.

Since then he has participated in many national and international exhibitions. His work is shown in numerous books.

Fine arts in the street

Kraser | Underground Effect, Urban Week, Paris | 2020
Kraser | Underground Effect, Urban Week, Paris | 2020

Influenced by the eclecticism of the paintings of the old surrealist and abstract masters, his painting mixes phantasmagoria and realism, portraits and wildlife, graffiti and calligraphy.

His lettering expresses his own language, always mixed with chimeras and classical representations.

Kraser is a perfect blend of classical rigour and the freedom of urban art. Behind his friendly exterior, Kraser has emerged as a heavyweight in the street art world.

Kraser on Instagram: @Kraser
Kraser online:

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