ONSEPT is a painter working and living in Paris.

Between destructured blur and precision of the stroke

Onsept | Expo « Mondes intérieurs » | Paris, France | 2018
Onsept | Exhibition « Mondes intérieurs » | Paris, France | 2018

In 2001, Christophe ONSEPT created the NOK collective with other painters who are also his friends. Self-taught, he develops, in the following years, a singular style, juggling between the work of the letter, scenery and characters, through numerous murals, in France and abroad.

Since 2008, in parallel to his activity with his Crew, painting on canvas allows him to develop other techniques. The brush and the coating are mixed with aerosols, bringing to his creations relief, graphic touch and meticulousness.

Art as the language of the soul

Onsept NOK | Uchiwa, éventail japonais | 2020
Onsept | Uchiwa, japonese fan | 2020

His figurative universe features unstructured characters that are a reflection of the world we live in.

“I take my inspiration from what is around me, Paris is my source of inspiration. The way you stand, the way you walk, etc. I observe people, I imagine their lives”.

With the same elementary means, lines, square circles, triangles, polygons, curves, most of the dominants of the human being can be expressed plastically such as purity, contemplation, spirituality, calmness, joy, dynamism, lucidity, creativity, imagination…

Christophe ONSEPT NOK on Instagram : @onsept_nok

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