About Street Art Addict

Founded by street art enthusiasts, Street Art Addict wishes to share and make urban artworks accessible to as many people as possible.

As its name suggests, street art or urban art covers all types of contemporary works of art created in the street in an ephemeral and often protestant spirit. It can take the form of signature tags such as monumental murals, collages, stickers, stencils and even installations.

Street Art Addict works directly with street artists whether they are graffiti artists, painters, taggers… whether they use spray paint, stencils, collage… and wherever they come from. All the artists invited to the Underground Effect organised by WASAA and Projet SAATO as part of the Urban Week in Paris La Défense are represented.

Online street art gallery

Street-art-addict.com is our online store, a true digital art gallery specializing in urban art. This site offers a selection of limited edition art reproductions representative of the diversity of this major contemporary artistic trend that is street art.

Posters / art reproductions in limited & hand signed edition

Our street art posters are reproductions of works of art with a limited edition print. The prints are made by us and sent to the artist for signature. All our reproductions come with a WASAAcertificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Projet SAATO, Street Art promotion

Street Art Addict is also the print / edition / print part of Projet SAATO, an association working for the promotion of street art.

Every year, Projet SAATO organizes the Underground Effect as part of the Urban Week Paris La Défense. It’s a great opportunity to discover street art and to exchange with the artists… whose original works you will find on this site!