The art of being nobody

Huariu - Street art - Wasaa - Urban Week
Huariu | Mural | Waterford, Ireland | 2019

The art on Huariu’s walls is true to his biography. On his website he presents himself as follows:
I am a total nobody. No credencials. No special achievements.”

Guest of the 6th edition of our Festival Underground Effect in 2020, Huariu, young Portuguese artist, already questions by his pseudo, asks himself who he is, and who are those who come to meet him. A work in black and white made of lines and dots that recalls the work of the pixel to represent an image, always a portrait, of people who inspire him.

An committed artist

Huariu | Underground Effect, Urban Week, Paris | 2020
Huariu | Underground Effect, Urban Week, Paris | 2020

He paints the ancients, the uprooted peoples, these people that Europe makes invisible and who nevertheless suffer a few hundred kilometers from us.

Huariu speaks little of his work as the walls he creates speak for him. A “total nobody” ? No. A sensitive and committed artist? Yes, and that’s why we love him.

Huariu online:
Huariu on Instagram : @huariu

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