KogaOne is a multi-media, multi-technique painter from Metz.

An enthusiast of alteration

Koga1 - Street art - Wasaa - Urban Week
KogaOne | Mural | Festival Waterford Walls | 2019

As an attentive observer of his contemporaries and their often contradictory natures, he explores the alteration, paradox, and discomfort that arise when the familiar is distorted or fractured by outside influences..

He distorts a life scene, displaces or distorts fragments, or combines and contrasts photo-realism with a more raw, expressionistic painting.

Between realism and abstraction

KogaOne | Underground Effect, Urban Week, Paris | 2020
KogaOne | Underground Effect, Urban Week, Paris | 2020

Through his contrasts of forms, colors or materials, he plays with the notion of realism that he distends to the point of abstraction. It is a way of discovering and accepting the singular beauty that reveals itself in hesitation, the unfinished, the imperfection.

KogaOne online : www.kogaone.com
KogaOne on Instagram : @kogaone

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