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Kevin Ledo

Kevin Ledo, a Montreal-based artist, brings his art to life through bold and iconic imagery.

A bold artist

Kevin Ledo | Mural | Montréal, Canada | 2017
Kevin Ledo | Mural | Montreal | 2017

Exploiting several artistic genres such as fine art, pop art, muralist art, street art and gold leaf installations, Ledo scours the field in search of an artistic expression that gives justice to his vision and ideas.

Ledo’s realistic renderings are often juxtaposed with rougher, graphic forms and patterns, foreground or background voids where the figures are suspended between the two worlds.

Painting the walls of the world

The artist knows how to capture moments of contemplation, intimacy, emotion and wonder. Ledo devotes much of his work to the fusion of feminine beauty and divinity, particularly in his works The Guiding Light. In this set of works, Ledo creates paintings of contemporary icons. To do this, he successfully merges high fashion advertisements with old Christian icons.

Kevin Ledo online :
Kevin Ledo on Instagram : @kevinledo

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Medousa – Hotel Molitor Paris – February & March 2022

Medousa | Retro | Molitor | 2022

Every winter the outdoor pool of Hotel Molitor Parishosts an artistic installation.

This year, Retro Graffitism has dressed up the art deco pool with a monumental installation, a 25-metre long fluorescent pink jellyfish produced by the agency We Are So Art Addict | WASAA.

Art in the Molitor pool

Quintessenz | Molitor swimming pool | 2018

In 2018, the German artist duo Quintessenz, consisting of Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic from Hanover and Berlin, created a beautiful artwork entitled The Molitor water lily.

Amélie Lengrand | Molitor swimming pool | 2019

The following year it was the artist Amélie Lengrand who installed a huge structure above the pool. She uses the shape of the iconic logo with coloured facets diffracting the natural light to recall the stained glass windows of Molitor.

Medousa, the masterpiece of Retro Graffitism

Medousa | Retro | Molitor | 2022
Assembly of the jellyfish | Molitor | 2022

Floating above the swimmers, Medousa‘s mission is to create an immersive experience. Beyond the dreaminess of the experience, its presence reminds us that in these uncertain times, it can be salutary to let oneself be carried by the natural currents of life. The artist Retro Graffitism having left Paris for Saint-Malo, wants through this representation to bring the spectator to question the concept of “letting go”.

As if to keep the link with its natural element, Medousais made of fishing net. Both resistant and light, this material creates a work that is as monumental as it is evanescent, without ever obscuring the pool, regardless of the viewpoint.

Produced with the cultural engineering agency We Are So Art Addict | WASAA, the jellyfish was designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact. The net comes from Brittany, ennobled (tinted) in Ardèche and the aluminium for the structure comes from Ile de France. Most of the components of this installation come from France.

The artist Retrochose a fluorescent pink colour to colour several hundred square metres of net. This shade fits in perfectly with the hotel’s setting and its iconic colours of ochre and blue, capturing the viewer’s eye with this modern touch in this art deco landmark.

By day, Medousaimpresses. At night, illuminated by transverse spotlights, this jellyfish becomes even larger. Almost unreal and fascinating, it transports the visitor into a completely different universe. Its proportions make it possible to play on the scales of size, reversing the order of things: the human being is thus tiny, a simple spectator transported to the bottom of the ocean.

Jellyfish | Retro | Molitor | 2022 | By night
Retro jellyfish | Molitor Swiming Pool | 2022 | By night

The Molitor jellyfish in a few figures

  • 25 metres is the length of our jellyfish
  • 6 000 knots for reeling
  • 900 metres of handcrafted piano wire for the tentacles
  • 800 hours of work for production
  • 285 kilos for this invertebrate which is not a cephalopod…
  • … and a few cephalalgies for Issam Khemir of We Are So Art Addict | WASAA who finished this work just in time for the new year!

On display at the Molitorpool until the end of March.

Retro Graffistism on sale on Street Art Addict.
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Urban Art Fair – Paris – Juin 2021

Urban Art Fair - UAF | Paris | 2021

Urban Art Fair is the first international fair dedicated to urban art, created in 2016 by Yannick Boesso, president and founder. Since 6 years, it has been held in the hall of the Carreau du Temple, in the heart of Paris.

Each year, Urban Art Fair brings together some thirty French and international galleries to showcase the work of over 200 artists. Collectors, professionals and amateurs meet every year in April (not always, because of Covid…) to discover both emerging and established artists.

History of the international Urban Art Fair

Urban Art Fair | Paris
Urban Art Fair | Paris

April 2016. Nearly 20,000 visitors came to the first edition of theUrban Art Fair, with a sales volume of over 1.2 million euros.

From this first edition, Urban Art Fairseeks to emphasize therichness of urban art. The program includes off-site exhibitions, live performances, artist signings on all media, lecture series bringing together street artists and internationally renowned speakers, and short film screenings.

Urban Art Fair is an established fair that owes its success to its demanding artistic programme, which can be discovered in a convivial setting. It is the unmissable event dedicated to the urban art market.

5th edition of Urban Art Fair in Paris

The 5th edition of the Urban Art Fair will be held atCarreau du Temple from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 June 2021. A panorama of the different trends, the event is aimed at both neophytes and enthusiasts. Always punctuated by installations, encounters and performances, the fair will again this year expand its live program .

Street art Fair | Urban Art Fair | Paris
© Urban Art Fair

More than 200 artists selected by 42 exhibitors, a third of whom come from abroad, provide a wide range of artistic expression in the public space. Street art, including graffiti, stencils, mosaics, stickers, ephemeral displays and installations, is one of the rare forms of creation visible to all, created for all.

Urban Art Fair is an established fair that owes its success to its demanding artistic program, which aims to show urban art in all its forms. Each year, new galleries are invited to present works that are both historical, from the first generation of South Bronx graffiti artists, and totally contemporary, demonstrating each time the richness of the evolution of styles, techniques and viewpoints. Urban Art Fair is the cultural event of the spring in Paris.

Since 2016, the four Parisian editions and the New York edition have respectively welcomed between 16,000 and 20,000 visitors, bringing together an audience of enthusiasts, professionals, collectors and amateurs who came to discover the work of hundreds of artists. At its last edition, Urban Art Fair has introduced several new features with a focus on contemporary art in situ: on the fringe of the event, Urban Art Fair presented off-site installations on the theme of “Nature & Destruction, Man as a Social Animal”, in order to leave a permanent mark on the city.

  • Preview/Professional day (by invitation): Thursday 10 June 2021 from 11am to 6pm
  • Opening (by invitation): Thursday 10 June 2021 from 6 to 10 pm

Public opening

  • Friday 11 June 2021: 11 am to 8 pm
  • Saturday 12 June 2021: 11 am to 8 pm
  • Sunday 13 june 2021 : 11 am to 19 pm

Galleries in attendance

193 Gallery (Paris), ArtCan Gallery (Marseille, Paris), Art Dealers (Paris), ART FIVE Gallery (Marseille), Artistik Rezo (Paris), ArtStübli (Bâle), Art Together (Lille), Bel Air Fine Art (London, Paris, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Venise, Crans-Montana, Verbier, Gstaad, Knokke et Miami), CTrLD by Hopare (Paris), David Pluskwa Art Contemporain (Marseille), Deodato Arte (Milan, Gstaad, Bruxelles), Ellia Art Gallery (Paris), Galerie Ange Basso (Paris), Galerie At Down (Montpellier), Galerie Brugier-Rigail (Paris, Séoul), Galerie Joël Knafo (Paris), Galerie Mathgoth (Paris), Galerie Openspace (Paris), Galerie Wallworks (Paris), Ground Effect (Paris), H Gallery (Paris), La Galerie 38 (Casablanca), Le Mouvement (Paris), Lezarts Urbains (Paris), Loft du 34 (Paris), Mazel Galerie (Bruxelles), Sato Gallery / Tokyoiite (Paris, Tokyo), The Roger Project (New York, Paris), Urban Spree (Berlin), Vroom & Varossieau (Amsterdam), Wunderkammern Gallery (Milan, Rome), YAM Galerie French Art Collection (Paris).

Featured artists

9ème Concept
Add Fuel
Agathe Verschaffel
Alexandra Hedison
Alëxone Dizac
Andrea Ravo Mattoni
Aude B
Augustine Kofie
Bella Bah
Benjamin Laading
Blek le rat
Bond Truluv
Bust The Drip
Camilla Falsini
CharlElie Couture
Claude BLO Ricci
Conor Harrington
Damien Poulain
Dan Rawlings
Dan Witz
Daniel Arsham
Doze Green
El Diablo
Éric Lacan
Fabien Verschaere
Fantatista Utamaro
Fidia Falaschetti
Fintan MAGEE
Franck Noto – Zest
Futura 2000
Gerard Zlotykamien
Ghizlane Agzenai
Gottfried Salzmann
Grégory Watin
Hendrick Czakainski
Ismael Bazri
Jacques Villeglé
Jean-Marc Hunt
Jef Aérosol
Julien Raynaud
Katrin Fridriks
Keith Haring

Kenny Scharf
Lady. K
Le CyKlop
Le Mouvement
Logan Hicks
Loic Mondé
Lucas Price
Mademoiselle Maurice
Martha Cooper
Martin Whatson
Mauro Maugliani
Miaz Brothers
Miss Van
Mister Pee
Mlle Maurice
Mr Brainwash
Mr Chat
Mr Savethewall
Nick Walker
Nicolas Barrome
Panar (Robin Obitz)
Peter Klasen
Philipp Hugues Bonan
Rafael Sliks
Richard Hambleton
Robert Combas
Romain Froquet
Rouge Hartley
Sébastien Preschoux
Shepard Fairey
Simon Berger
Speedy Graphito
Steph Cop
Takeru Amano
Théo Lopez
Tomek Joralim
Tyrell Winston
Victor Ash

Useful links

Site of the Fair : Urban Art Fair
Instagram of the festival : @urbanartfair
Twitter of the festival :
Facebook of the festival :

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Street Art Fest – Grenoble – June 2021

Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes

Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes is the biggest street art festival in Europe. It is an urban art festival that exists since 2015, in Grenoble and its agglomeration.

The declared objective of this festival is to offer current creations linked to this contemporary artistic movement during several weeks, in the very heart of Grenoble and the cities of its close suburbs.

This art festival usually takes place in June. Its objective is to present “Street Art in all its globality and plurality of disciplines”.

History of Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes

Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes
Street Art Fest Grenoble

The Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes, which was called the Grenoble Street Art Festuntil 2018, was created in 2015 on the initiative of former snowboarder Jérome Catz, founder and director of the network of art centres dedicated to street art, called Spacejunk.

The event is officially supported by the city of Grenoble, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

During the festival period, national and international artists express themselves on the front of private and public buildings.

From graffiti to new technologies, this event for the general public has a simple intention: to take stock of current street art and to make the public aware of this rapidly expanding discipline. The Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes makes the Metropolis radiate to the whole world thanks to its artistic program and through all its cultural proposals: film festival, monumental frescoes, traditional graffiti, exhibitions, collages, stencils, urban sculptures, installations, photographs, digital street art, street art runs, conferences?

This is a festival where Street Art Addict artists are well represented: Piet Rodriguez, Julieta XLF, Nean, Michaeel Beerens, Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva / Animalitoland, Momies, Vesodand RNSThave already been invited to Street Art Fest.

7th edition of the festival

The 7th edition of the Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes will be held from 28 May to 4 July 2021 with several dozen invited artists.

Real of the Grenoble – Alpes street art festival

Live créations, movie fest, expos, digital street art

On the programme of Europe’s biggest street art festival: a whole month of creations, exhibitions, visits, meetings, conferences, workshops, unveilings, innovations, projections, concerts and other activities…

Among the new features, the festival confirms its metropolitan dimension with the extension of the event to four new municipalities: Eybens, Sassenage, La Tronche and Champ-sur-Drac, which have joined the core of the event represented by the municipalities of Grenoble, Fontaine, Saint-Martin-d’Hères and Le-Pont-de-Claix. This enthusiasm demonstrates the interest of all metropolitans in street art, and the festival’s ability to be a part of the Grenoble metropolis.

In order not to forget its core business, cultural mediation and the dissemination of Street Art, the festival is setting up a number of activities to accompany the various creations and to allow the public to follow all the works created within the framework of the Festival: Street Art Tours in different languages, Escape Game by @graaly_escape. but above all, in addition to the visits, the mobile application Street App Fest of Neovisionallows all visitors to consult information on the frescoes by geolocating themselves. “It’s like a private guide who provides the keys to reading. It allows people to become autonomous and to democratise art”, adds the founder of the street art festival, Jérôme Catz, who is committed to the accessibility of this cultural heritage.

Line up / Guest artists

Some thirty artists have been invited, the majority of whom are French and European, but there are also others from China, the United States and Australia.

Augustine Kofie

Augustine Kofie focuses on the abstract and futuristic representation of geometric shapes. Master of “graffuturism”, the universe of @keepdrafting is harmonious, abstract and timeless.


French street artist, @Combo-CK seeks to touch all audiences and to question the injustices of our society. This Parisian manipulates media or iconic images from pop culture. He radically modifies the meaning in order to challenge taboos, proposing a subversive and committed reading, but never moralising.

Contratak Crew

La Contratakis an association for the promotion of urban cultures made up of painters, video artists, photographers, graphic designers and musicians. It forms a collective with diverse competences and wishes to carry out a positive and open action to the public through the exchange and the mutualisation of the know-how and skills of its actors. The action of the actors of the Contratak is above all artistic and civic, and tends towards participative democracy. Thus the association’s activity largely consists of creating and developing spaces for free expression within the Grenoble agglomeration, at the risk of upsetting certain minds that are a little too obtuse, with a lot of colour, music and good humour. La Contratak dreams of being a prism for the expression of the sensitivity of a youth that is well in tune with its time and aware of its ability to develop.


French artist, Daco asserts a unique and recognizable destructured style. His series of animals, called “Graffaune” (contraction of “graffiti” and “fauna”) deploys a strong visual identity: geometric and colourful creatures. Nourished by multiple interests : Russian constructivism, wildstyle, lettering or tags, @dacopaintnow asserts his freedom in his works.


A child prodigy from Grenoble, Etien’ is a surprising artist. Known for his daring frescoes and impressive anamorphoses, follows his desires and offers us ever more virtuosity, mastering his technique to perfection.


Falcoenjoys juggling universal images with current events. Through his creations, this young graphic designer satisfies his need to share simple messages that make an impact. @falco.crea likes “art that provokes, that points the finger but also that questions”.


Fanakapan | Mural | Berlin | 2019
Fanakapan | Mural | Berlin | 2019

From London, the pioneer of the “Balloon Graff” is coming to Grenoble for this new edition!
@fanakapan is a prolific artist with an immediate and extremely impressive aesthetic dynamic. He has travelled the world leaving 3D balloons and other ultra-realistic 3D murals in every port he has visited. Coming from the world of skateboarding, he works freehand and is known for his lettering which has become his signature.
Find Fanakapan’s works for sale on Street Art Addict.

Lula Goce

Originally from Galicia in Spain, @Lula_Goce is a street artist specialising in murals. With her realistic style, she paints huge portraits in dark colours to which she always adds a touch of flowers, thus giving life and colour to her works.


A graphic designer by training, @groek_andgroel is an eternally curious person in search of experimentation. Like many others, he started out on the street as a graffiti artist. Now he varies the techniques and media according to his desires and discoveries, preferring an artisanal approach, where time is not counted, and where only intuition, spontaneity and experimentation count. His graphic universe is a profusion of coloured and textured forms, where figurative and abstract are mixed with – nevertheless – a solid desire to succeed in making the viewer lose the main subject of his works. Mischievous and talented!

Lil Hill

Li Hillis a Canadian artist who stands out for his mastery and attraction to movement and its decomposition. His works use a combination of images to suggest an illusion similar to the stop-motion method in film. His technique is also marked by an admirable control of the transparency effect. The creativity of @li_hill has led him to work and exhibit all over the world.


@HoxxoH tries to show us a new approach to observing and appreciating time through his almost hypnotic kaleidoscopic creations. By stopping trying to control time, it shows what happens when you let yourself go in its natural course. He sublimates walls all over the world and draws his inspiration from mandalas to draw spheres between space and time.


Iotafocuses on the representation of the human soul and its emotions through portraits. Trying as much as possible to abstract a frozen face, @Iota tries to get the viewer to identify with and feel her paintings.


If the Grenoble scene was a good school for @pf_juin, the city, its architecture, the symmetry or the speed of execution of the gesture remain, for him, as many sources of daily inspiration. Driven by a clear and optimistic vision of his work, Juin sets about the task and has already forged his own identity, a style that is constantly evolving but clearly identifiable.

Leon Keer

@leonkeeris one of the world’s leading anamorphic street art artists. He has created pieces on canvas and street art around the world (3D Street Art, 3D Street Painting, Murals). In addition to using optical illusion, he often adds new technologies to his creations, such as augmented reality and video mapping.


@Mandrake4u, in a permanent questioning, represents a myriad of characters very often unknown to the general public: as a tribute to the treasure of humanity in each of us. His favourite techniques, spray, stencil and collage, allow him to have fun with his bright and colourful compositions.

Sophie Mess

Sophie Mess creates botanically inspired artworks, bringing the colourful beauty of nature into the urban landscape, transforming spaces and inspiring positivity. @sophiemess_ wants to bring the joy of nature to places where it is not expected. Her works can be found all over the world,


Peeta | Mural | Mannheim, Germany | 2019
Peeta | Mural | Mannheim, Germany | 2019

@peeta_ead is an Italian artist famous worldwide for his unique and impressive anamorphic style. Based on the letters of his artist’s name stylized in a three-dimensional world, Peeta’s works change the perception of a familiar place for the inhabitants and lead to a different understanding of the environment and reality.
Find Peeta’s works for sale on Street Art Addict.


A French artist known throughout the world, Seth enchants the daily lives of thousands of people with his dreamlike and colourful works. Often double-edged, but never cynical, his art is committed and alert to the state of the world. Also famous for his many unusual trips and encounters at the ends of the earth, @seth_globepainter wants to promote urban culture from around the world.


A young Spanish artist, Taquenhas developed a very personal style in the course of his experience: continuous lines generating multiple planes, portraits, animals and sometimes colour. Constantly in search of movement and anatomy, the artist @taquen deposits his poetry and sensitivity wherever he can.

Telmo Miel

Founded in 2012, the Dutch duo @telmomiel creates monumental and surrealist frescoes where strange creatures and humans cohabit. Blending the art of photorealism, abstraction and humour, the artists compose their works with a considerable number of superimposed elements to open up a multitude of perspectives and interpretations.


Tramb, a “flying artist”, is on board with us for this edition: his universe is full of more or less realistic, crazy and often trashy characters. His creativity knows no bounds, and @tontontramb creates both by hand, with a biro or marker, and on the computer, drawing on his personal influences.


Vesod | Mural | Moscow | 2019
Vesod | Mural | Moscow | 2019

An Italian artist, Vesoddraws on his mathematical studies to create his art: his immense works are imbued with futuristic dynamics and anatomical proportions.@Vesoddevelops a personal language in which he explores immaterial solid forms and revisits the idea of an eternal present.
Find Vesod’s works for sale on Street Art Addict.

Full list of upcoming artists

Useful links

Fair website: Street Art Fest – Grenoble
Insta of the fair : @grenoblestreetartfest
Twitter of the fair :
Facebook of the fair :